Reviewer Asks Why the Excellent Mazda6 Doesn’t Sell Better

It is such a good car that it’s genuinely puzzling

The Mazda6 is undoubtedly the enthusiast’s choice in the non-premium midsize family sedan segment. It trumps competitors with its svelte Italianate styling, competent and enjoyable handling, good quality interior and economy, and yet it sells nowhere near as many cars as some people (myself included) think it ought to.

TFLCar’s Roman made a video asking this very question, and the points made within are very pertinent. He even tries his hand at an explanation as to why the 6 is such a slow seller in spite of its many obvious qualities.

The basic conclusion is that Mazda’s range of engines renders it uncompetitive compared to some rivals. That is certainly true in North America, where rivals offer V6-engined competing models which it cannot match with its four-pot-only engine range.

Even so, it does make up for its lack of oomph by being quite economical, and in Europe its diesel engines are exactly what the buyer in the class is looking for, so the choice of engines is less 0f an issue.