Rolls Royce to unveil all-new Phantom on July 27

It’s going to be shown as part of “The Great Eight Phantoms” exhibition in London

Rolls Royce has officially confirmed it will be revealing the all-new Phantom, the eighth generation of the model, at the end of next month. July 27 is the date chosen according to a fresh teaser video.

The video shows very little of the new car, but we can see its ever so slightly reshaped front grille and an interestingly textured bit of dashboard trim, probably made out of wood – the latter has a rather unique dimpled pattern that looks cool and unique but will require a pro detailer every time it needs a clean.

We’ve already seen the overall shape of the next Phantom in photos provided by our spies, but being a Rolls, its main party piece will be in the details.

The Phantom mark eight will ride on an all-new aluminum platform, feature evolutionary exterior design and get its power from a force-fed V12 of some kind.