See Hülkenberg’s spectacular F1 crash from all the angles

Hulkenberg Abu Dhabi crash

The Hulk escaped unharmed, but the scare was real

Nico Hülkenberg went into a barrel roll on the opening lap of the Abu Dhabi GP, and everybody had to cross fingers for three minutes, the Hulk `hanging in there like a cow` (as he commented on team radio) while the race marshalls scrambled to the area.

It appears that he didn't see Romain Grosjean and went straight for the turn's apex. They touched wheels, and his car was flipped over directly into the safety barriers (the videos open directly on YouTube).

There was also a fire scare for a brief moment, as Nico Hülkenberg's Renault F1 car stood upside-down, and the driver had to wait impatiently for help because he couldn't exit the vehicle. Some blamed the halo safety device, but race officials said Hülkenberg couldn't slip out of the car even in the absence of the halo device.

"Get me out! There's fire, there's fire", he shouted on team radio. Luckily, the flames didn't set his car ablaze, so he managed to get out as soon as the car was turned over. The crash was spectacular, but the Hulk was unharmed, so the race went on. Hamilton secured the win, while Vettel and Verstappen came in second and third, respectively.

Lewis Hamilton is dominating this F1 season, with 408 points, followed by Sebastian Vettel with 320 points and Kimi Räikkönen with 251 points.

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