Shitbox Rally Is Another Good Reason to Visit Australia

Shitbox Rally is like the Gumball 3000, only the opposite

When I think about Down Under, I imagine the never-ending road trains and the super utes – two very distinctive bits of machinery only Australia found a meaning for. That until I've heard of (and seen) what Shitbox Rally is all about and now I've just added another item onto my car aficionado to-do-in-this-life list.

The Shitbox Rally is a fund-raising event where the participants' cars are financially restricted to just AUD1,000 (that's one thousand Australian dollars, the equivalent of $770 or €670). And just to simplify things (read: make them harder), there are no AWD/4WD cars allowed.

If you're wondering how is that working out, I'm going to let the organizers explain: "Get creative and make sure you turn up in something that is truly memorable – it will make the adventure that much more rewarding when you are in the middle of Australia, 200 kilometers from anywhere, and you are trying to fix a burst water tube with gaffer tape, string, and pliers."

Basically, it's the kind of competition where your driving skills are not nearly as relevant as your mechanics-related ones. Or, you know, have Batman taking care of your '70s Ford Escort Panel Van, if you're as lucky as the gals participating in the last year's edition.