Six-Cylinder Coupe Shootout – Chevy Camaro LT 1LE versus BMW M2

It’s impressive that these two cars can be mentioned in the same company

We know the V6 Chevrolet Camaro LT with the 1LE package is slower and not really comparable to a BMW M2, and so do the guys at MotorTrend, but if you drive them back to back you being to see similarities.

Both have six-cylinder engines, both are coupes, both are decent around a track and both are vehicles promising high levels of enjoyment for the driver.

The M2 has more power and much more torque, and its smaller footprint means it’s more agile than the Camaro LT. However, the Chevy is miles better than you’d expect its breed to be on the track, and it manages to make a V6-powered Camaro seem desirable and fun.

So even if the two models will most likely never be cross-shopped by prospective coupe buyers, it’s by no means far-fetched to pit them against one another.