Skoda Shows Off New Kodiaq SUV Interior

It’s sober, restrained and very grown up-looking

After showing us bits of its new SUV’s exterior, Skoda has now released several photos of what the Kodiaq looks like inside. The sharp exterior details are complimented by a more restrained and sober-looking interior that is unmistakably Volkswagen.

There don’t seem to be any superfluous design flourishes, in true Skoda and VW fashion. Its most prominent feature (from the attached shots) is the large touchscreen infotainment flanked by equally oversized air inlets. Otherwise, there’s nothing to write home about aside from the mood lighting strip that runs along the top of the door trim.

Basically, if you’ve been a fan of the vehicles made by Skoda over the past few years, but wanted something larger than a Yeti with proper off-road capability and three rows of seats… well, this is for you.

Skoda will be revealing the Kodiaq tomorrow, and you can see the reveal by going to this YouTube link.