Swarovski-wrapped Lambo Huracán is sparklier than a bonfire

1.3 million red crystals were manually applied on the bodywork

Since the model’s inception, people found different uses for the Sant’Agata Bolognese’s go-fast machine going by the name of Lamborghini Huracán. But this one is the most eye-catching yet.

Tuned Huracáns blasting on the drag strip are a common sight these days, whether they’re racing muscle cars or Teslas. However, what you don’t see every day is one covered in red Swarovski crystals.


A post shared by Daria Radionova (@dradionova) on

The car above belongs to one Instagram model Daria Radionova. She’s not at her first Swarovski-meets-car experience after having wrapped her Mercedes-Benz CLS and Bentley Continental using the same sparkling treatment.

Naturally, it gets all the attention one can wish for courtesy of Vinceri UK – who call themselves the world’s leading Swarovski specialist – and are responsible for this contraption.


A post shared by Daria Radionova (@dradionova) on

That’s all we had to say; we’ll let the videos and pictures do the talking.

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