Take a closer look at GM’s fuel-cell Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 built for the US Army

This pickup eats hydrogen and emits pure water

TARDEC (that's short for the Tank Automotive Research and Development Center) and GM joined forces last year to develop a fuel-cell military 4×4 that's both silent and eco-friendly.

The result is called the ZH2, and it sits on the same platform as Chevy's Colorado mid-size pickup truck.

CNN got an up-close glance at the ZH2 during an off-road demo at GM's Milford Proving Grounds, where its flat "acoustic signature" was also put to the test.

Speaking with the same source, Brian Butrico, a representative of the US Army's Research and Development and Engineering Command said that "it is possible for us to take the exhaust gas from the engine, or the fuel cell, and actually create potable water."

Simply put, soldiers could drink water from the pickup's exhaust – of course, if the pipes were to be cleaned before.