Tesla Made Lots of Minor Changes to Improve the Model X

Aiming for perfection, one tweak at a time

Refining a product, no matter how complete or not, is a continuous and demanding task yet vital if one wants to keep a happy customer base.

As the Model X secured the Golden Steering Wheel award (also known to Germans as Das Goldene Lenkrad), Tesla took the opportunity to run us through the list of changes that supposedly improved the Model X.

Naturally, most of them arrived via Tesla's OTA (over-the-air) software update system, including the Software 8.0 rollout.

Some of them include the cabin overheat protection function and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) tune-ups such as an increase of the maximum fan speed.

In the comfort department, Tesla's software tweaks corrected seat motion and pitch calibration.

However, the most comprehensive set of adjustments targeted the falcon wing doors, often a source of frustration and critique for Tesla Model X owners.

Changes include a "2x improvement in door sensor object detection, 25% improvement in opening/closing speed," and, Tesla claims, an "83% reduction in customer-reported issues with door opening/closing."

The full mods list is available within this post on Tesla's blog.