Tesla Model S-based Binz-E hearse is for those who want a silent, zero-emissions last ride

Can you think of a vehicle that’s better suited for the job?

What better proof that the future is electric than a Tesla Model S hearse?

German coachbuilder Binz seems to believe electric vehicles are best suited for carrying people to their final resting places. Just think about it: an electric hearse is very silent, it emits zero harmful particles, and is remarkably easy to drive steadily at low speeds.

When Binz set out to build a battery-powered hearse, the Tesla Model S seemed like the most logical choice. It's big, it looks good, and it has a long driving range — not that a hearse needs that, but having the battery pack dry up in the middle of a funeral procession is not an option.

Obviously, Binz had to make some modifications to the Tesla Model S to make it ready for funeral duty. The Binz-E features a stretched wheelbase (3,800 mm) that extends the overall length to 5,819 mm, with height also rising to 1,720 mm.

The rear passenger compartment and doors have been replaced by a deep storage compartment that features a Binz sliding door and an electrically extendable coffin loading deck. The tailgate opens electrically, while the side and rear windows feature electrical darkening.

Binz says Germany's first electric hearse offers a driving range of up to 350 km (217 miles). So what's it gonna be, this or the Maserati Quattroporte?