Tested in the wet: budget tire vs. new tire vs. worn tire

tire test

Let’s say the results shouldn’t surprise anyone

We can’t stress enough how vital tires are when it comes to your safety, your passengers’ safety, and your car’s integrity. So, here’s a quick test that pits together a budget tire, a new tire, and a worn-out tire.

Think about this: your car is connected to the asphalt by four patches of rubber, and each of them is, give or take, the size of your palm. Each contact patch must be adequate at multi-tasking, as it has to both deliver grip and put the engine’s resources to the ground as efficiently as possible.

Naturally, not all tires are created equal: you get budget tires and premium tires, winter tires, and summer tires, as well as all-season tires. However, the most dangerous type is the worn tire, and that’s precisely what the video below tries to bring to our attention.

Enjoy watching, and hopefully, it will help you with your next tire acquisition. Speaking of which, here’s our complete guide on the 10 best winter tires for 2018.