The best Russian dashcam video compilation hits US theaters

the road movie 1

From running brides jumping on cars, to crossing a burning forest, this movie has them all

Have you ever wished for a compilation that encompasses all the best Russian dashcam videos? Wish no more because that’s what The Road Movie is: a crème de la crème montage depicting glimpses of life on Russian roads.

The Road Movie 2

The Road Movie is the work of Dmitrii Kalashnikov, in case you were wondering just how genuine this production is. The synopsis describes this documentary as a “mosaic of asphalt adventures, landscape photography, and some of the craziest shit you’ve ever seen.” Here’s a short trailer, in case you needed more proof:

If you want to make this a true viewing experience, here’s the list of screenings in the US cinemas. And, for $14.99 (VAT not included) you can even pre-order, and enjoy it from the comfort of your home, as soon as March 6, 2018.