The Fate of the Furious Movie Boasts Another Level of Destruction

How many hundreds of cars you guess died anonymously in the making of this film?

Have you ever seen a movie trailer that's basically the shortened, TL;DR version of the whole thing? You did, of course. But have you watched the (first) Fate of the Furious movie trailer? It's a peach.

It is stupidly daring — as was the case with the four sequels — and it looks awesome at the same time. Watching it will be, for the most part, a mixed feeling experience, like this good/bad BMW i8. Anyway, here's the second official trailer.

"But I'm here for the cars" you'll say, somehow knowing that you're not there, in the cinema, popcorn-ready, for the cars, but for watching cars getting destroyed in fiery stunts. And maybe to count how many times Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson throws/pushes explosives far from his proximity — he's still not afraid of anything, but he does know that explosions might leave you with skin burns, and he probably hates that.

But you probably want to know more about the cars featured in the latest Furious franchise. Right. As Dennis McCarty (responsible for vehicle special effects in Fast 8) states in this Mighty Car Mods material, The Fate of the Furious goes on a "whole new level of destruction, "having an incredibly high number of cars involved in stunts (read: destroyed)". As he puts it, about 300 cars left his shop in a 6-month period; the New York sequence alone (also shown in the trailer) accounts for two-to-three hundred vehicles.

Another favorite scene (for Dennis) is that one where the characters get to pick their cars from "the most amazing warehouse you've ever seen." Some of the cars featured in the Fate of the Furious (premiering April 14, 2017) are present(ed) here, in Dennis' shop.

There's a Subie prepared for drifting scenes on narrow streets — actually, there are four identical ones, just to be sure you'll get that perfect frame with an unimpaired car.

Then there's Letty's car, a widened 400 hp 1966 Corvette, which was, in fact, a barn find. The star of the movie (and Dennis' favorite car) is an AWD 60s Dodge Charger, although "there's very little left from the original." It's a sliding machine that you'll watch drifting for about five-to-seven seconds, before seeing The Rock grabbing a submarine by its tail and tossing it until it begs for mercy. Probably. Most probably.

It's Universal Studios' cash cow, so nothing is out of reach.