The French Pit Dacia Duster vs. Bentley Bentayga In A Crazy Test Drive

The most luxurious SUV on the market vs the cheapest 4×4 you can buy. Who will win?

Ze French from Auto-Moto magazine know how to compare things. For example, what would you drink: a glass of Moët & Chandon champagne or a Budweiser? Tough choice, eh?

Pitting a 600-hp luxury behemoth against a puny 125-hp small cheap crossover is unfair, eh? Of course it is, but if you afford the first, you might want to take a look at the later, because you could use it as a backup car. For example, when you want to chop some wood or go for a stroll in the woods, behind the wheel.

The mighty Bentayga eats Dusters for breakfast in a straight line, but things become more balanced when putting the cars in a rather soft off-road test. The Dacia Duster comes with leather seats, air-con, navigation and tremendous storage space, but costs 13 times less than the Bentayga, and its 4×4 system is extremely adept at getting you out of trouble. On the other hand, the Bentayga features everything you'd want from a luxury car, but not serious off-road performance, because it doesn't venture into Range Rover territory.

And this is a good thing, isn't it?