This Car Mashup Series Is the Best Stupid Idea Ever

Can you guess all the creations’ inspiration sources?

Since the Photoshop emerged in our lives, we can do a lot of cool stuff using just our imagination (and a robust set of skills). In the automotive world, it is being used to preview cars that haven’t made the headlines yet.

Or, you know, to fool around, as carwow just did again. Some of the creations are utterly bonkers while others (most of them) are terrifyingly ugly. We’ll let you discover them in the gallery above and conclude which is which.

One of my favorites are the Dodgy Renecat – a combination of Jeep Renegade body and SRT Hellcat soul. Not only it’s good-looking (and super-powerful) but I think it’s also more stable, viewed from a nose-diving perspective. Otherwise, stuffing 707 hp in a car with such a short wheelbase would make it impossible to control.

The other personal pick is the Ariel Chiron, the love child between one of the most powerful cars on Earth (Bugatti Chiron), and one of the lightest (Ariel Atom/Nomad). Again, it would be purely suicidal to lean hard on a 1,500 hp W16 engine fitted in a lightweight exoskeleton without proper downforce gear unless you’re riding it in a virtual environment and you don't care about continuously crashing.

As for the rest of them, we won’t give any further names, letting you guess the inspiration sources. Should you want to check if you’re right about your guess, check here.

Also, we’re eager to find out which one is your favorite.