This is how the next Volkswagen Beetle might actually turn out

It’s going to be a four-door electric vehicle

Volkswagen Group is bidding strongly on electricity nowadays, partly because of the Dieselgate disaster, partly due to increasing interest in this healthier, cleaner future. And what is a better approach than a nostalgic one?

The electric vehicle lineup bearing the Volkswagen badge consists of ID Buzz, for instance, which is a modern, antiseptic reinterpretation of the Bulli. In all honesty, we love every single bit of it. 

A thing we can’t say about the future Beetle. Volkswagen wants to play the emotional card with this icon as well, only this time it goes astray. For example, it’s going to have four doors.

Beetle’s second modern generation is here since 2011, and Volkswagen already confirmed it will be discontinued. We don’t know yet what’s going to be called after the electric baptism but, thanks to our Automedia collaborators, we have a hint on what’s going to look like. 

Do we like the EV Beetle as a jacked up, four-door Beetle? No. We could’ve loved the idea if Volkswagen would not have milked the Beetle name to create a four-door car. 

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