This Is Not a New Korean Supermini: It’s the Next SEAT Ibiza

It’s probably going to look like a mini-Leon

What you are looking at here is the fifth generation SEAT Ibiza, despite the fact that it looks like a strangely cobbled together Hyundai i20. In fact, it will look neither like the Korean supermini, nor like the current Ibiza, as it is expected to adopt the same style used on the larger Leon.

The Ibiza has been constantly selling around 200,000 units per year for the last ten years or so and it’s therefore a very important model for VW’s Spanish arm. We already know looking at the Skoda Fabia, the latest one, that the next Ibiza will also adopt a shrunken down version of the VW group MQB platform.

Interestingly, the VW Polo will be the last VW group supermini to get a new model and the inherent new platform; the Audi A1 was first, then the Fabia.

Scrolling through the spyshots, it’s hard to judge what it’s going to look like, but we do expect it to be like a smaller Leon; it will seem lower and more planted than before too, judging by a leaked image showing stylized interpretations of each Ibiza generation’s shape.

Image Credit: Automedia