This is why a GMC Sierra makes more sense than a Toyota Prius

Tyler Hoover GMC Sierra Denali

Tyler Hoover explains the math behind America’s obsession with giant trucks

Have you ever wondered why Americans love their trucks so much? Well, wonder no more, as Tyler, from Autotrader tells you everything you need to know.

He currently drives a giant GMC Sierra Denali as his company car, a vehicle which costs around $63,000, before you negotiate a good discount, that is.

This figure might seem like a lot, but only before you factor in the low depreciation, the fact that it comes loaded with modern safety and comfort features and that it can carry hundreds of kilos of cargo with ease.


Tyler is actually driving his second GMC Sierra, after trading in his older 2015 model. He bought the former model for $38,000 after getting a hefty discount. Sold it after three years back to the dealer for $31,000, had no mechanical issues with the car, and also received a bargain for his upgrade to the Denali version you see in the video.

The dealer resold his old car for $35,000 after only a couple of weeks. The market for second-hand trucks in the US is so hot right now, that deals like this are all too common. Before he drove trucks as company cars he had a Toyota Prius, which was badly damaged in an accident. After driving trucks for a couple of years he and the company reached the conclusion that driving a full-size pick-up makes more sense. More details on that you can find in the video below.

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