This Mercedes GLA-Based Pickup Will Never Happen But Is Cool as Heck

But there could be room for it on the market if pitched correctly towards outdoorsy 30-somethings looking for something all-purpose

Mercedes is indeed planning to launch a four-door pickup, but one based on its GLA crossover is certainly not what it had in mind. A model like this rendered interoperation would certainly not make too much sense on the market, as it’d be a posh, small Mercedes pickup that would be hard to find a sales pitch for.

Even so, there’s a lot going for it – we don’t know why, but it exudes a certain attraction that’s hard to put into words. If it were a real model, people probably wouldn’t actually buy it for the practicality of having the bed in the back, but rather for its quirkiness factor and slightly rugged look.

Even the renderer, Theophilus Chin, says it’s a silly idea that has no grounds in reality, but he did get surprisingly positive feedback for it, so we’re not alone in being awkwardly attracted to this.