This Saab-Powered Drift Rod Brings Three Worlds Together

It’s like seeing ZZ Top in a tutu; pulling karate moves

An all-European car looking like an American and moving like it's from Japan?

Although the cultural line between America, Europe, and Asia – when it comes to cars – is getting more and more blurred, there are things that no one could argue about: hot rods are from America. Drifting comes from Japan. And, erm, Saab is European.

So seeing a project that combines these three seems highly unlikely. Why would you make a Saab-powered hot rod that drifts?

Well, as our hero from the clip below explains, he wanted to “build something from nothing.” So he basically went to a scrapyard and saved a 1963 Ford Anglia that was about to be crushed. The same happened for the Saab engine-transmission set.

Then he got creative and welded them all together. After eight months of work, the Urchfab was born.

However, making a car looking like your Mad-Maxian dream is easy, compared to making a car doing what you want it to do – in this case, drifting. As the video explains, the rear axle’s four-link suspension prevented the car from drifiting, so changes needed to be made.

Also, a short wheelbase (with its aggressive transitioning) will never be user-friendly when it comes to sliding sideways. All three make our protagonist even more awesome for solving these challenges.

But we’d better let you enjoy the clip instead of narrating it, right?