Time to meet the 2017 Audi Q2

Audi just launched the all-new Q2 at Geneva Motor Show – a bold little car for the urban explorer in you.

This is the all-new Audi Q2, a crossover dedicated for those who want a car to suit their urban lifestyle. At 1,205kg, the Q2 is the smallest SUV in Audi’s line-up – it’s shorter than an Audi A3 Sportback. 

Q2’s crossover roofline indicates a more generous cabin space than in the A3, and rear seats modularity (40:20:40) is made for plenty of storage space solutions. The boot can swallow up to 405 liters of luggage – a figure that extends to 1,050 liters by folding the rear bench. 

The only body version available is a five-door, five-seat, and by default, it comes with front-wheel-drive, six-speed manual set-up. Optionally you can go for the all-wheel-drive quattro set-up and the S-tronic dual-clutch transmission – they come as standard for the 2.0-liter engines. 

Speaking of engines – at launch, there are three TFSI and three TDI versions, with power outputs in the 114-187hp range. The entry-level is a 1.0-liter three-cyl TFSI unit with 114hp and 41.6mpg. The next gasoline in line is the 1.4-liter TFSI, followed by the 2.0-liter unit that delivers 187hp. As for diesel range, it opens with the 114hp 1.6-liter TDI and continues with the 2.0-liter diesel, with 148 and 187hp. 

Despite its size, the automaker claims that the Q2 is not afraid of non-tarmac surfaces. Set the ESC into off-road mode and the car prepares to run in slippery conditions – also, the 200mm ground clearance is of help when you encounter rough terrain. If you opt for Q2’s variable dampers, you’ll also get a stiffen on-roader – it comes with a sport suspension that can lower the car with 10 mm if needed. 

The new Audi Q2 can be technologically augmented with plenty driver-assistance features (some of them being a first in the segment): pedestrian and collision-prevention automatic-braking functions, traffic jam assist, adaptive cruise control, active lane assist, traffic sign recognition, and park assist – you can have all of them on your cute Audi crossover. 

Audi’s Q2 sales will kick off in the middle of 2016, with first deliveries expected in the autumn of the same year.