Tonino Lamborghini Alpha One luxury smartphone fails to impress reviewer

He says that even by really expensive phone standards, it’s not very compelling

You’d think that paying the equivalent of $2,450 for a premium, luxury smartphone that bears the Lamborghini badge you’d enjoy a high quality product that redeems itself in some way. But according to the guy who tried out the Tonino Lamborghini Alpha One, it’s not really that good.

Unboxing Therapy says that there’s little to redeem the phone: its specs are not the best, its build and finish quality leave a bit to be desired (the phone he got for his video had a very obvious defect) and once you boot it up, well, it’s kind of slow and not really that special.

And chances are you won’t like the look either, as there’s just too much going on – the phone’s look feels like a frustrated attempt to make the package seem worth the asking price.

Granted, it is cheaper than the previous Tonino Lamborghini phone which was closer to $6,000 in price, but that seems to be a bit more of a substantial bit of kit, compared to the latest one.

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