Toyota teases off-road-centric FT-4X concept

Considering it’s branded FT, we expect it to look quite radical and then be toned down for production

Toyota will be unveiling a new off-roader concept on April 12, during the New York auto show, a concept they’ve dubbed FT-4X. The automaker usually keeps its FT denomination for production preview concepts, like it did with the GT86 which was called FT-86 in concept form.

It is believed that this FT-4X concept previews a possible successor to the funky looking FJ Cruiser (pictured below), a model that was both eye catching and capable off road. It gained a surprising following after it was released, with people piling on the mods to make it look more rugged or be genuinely more capable in the rough stuff.

FJ Cruiser production ceased in 2014 and there has been a noticeable gap in the range since then. The teaser they showed reveals absolutely nothing, other than the concept rim design which surely won’t make production. It also shows that the concept will probably be finished in orange, with hefty plastic cladding protecting its wheelarches.