Trump’s Presidential Limo to Feature Shotgun and Tear Gas Cannons

You can’t put a price on safety when it comes to POTUS

Dubbed Cadillac One, Donald Trump's new presidential limousine will feature both passive and active safeguard highlights. Because the best defense is a good offense.

Autoweek says the limo's interior will carry on from Obama's armored rhino of a car, introduced in 2009, while the exterior styling cues are slated to come from Cadillac's Escalade flagship.

Right, now for the hot bits of equipment. The New York Post reports that the Beast – the limo's other nickname – will incorporate tear gas cannons and a shotgun.

Besides the bulletproof outer shell created by doors and windows resistant to armour-piercing rounds, the limo will hide several flasks containing the Pres' blood type.

Estimated cost per unit: $1.5 million.