UK Policemen use Gran Turismo Sport as driving skills enhancer


It’s what Gran Turismo is all about: learning while playing

In terms of gameplay, the long-awaited Gran Turismo Sport racing simulator is nothing less than what its fans were expecting. Actually, it’s so good that the UK Police is using it to boost the officers’ driving skills.

Four Lincolnshire Police specialist officers were sent to the Silverstone race track for a special workshop involving both real-life driving, and Gran Turismo sessions. The subjects first completed a lap in their BMW 5-Series units before heading to the Gran Turismo rigs and work on their late braking and oversteering.


After the virtual driving lesson was finished, the four returned to the circuit just to see if they can improve the lap times. Naturally, they did.

"If Gran Turismo can help to train world-class racing drivers, then we were keen to explore whether it could offer anything to our officers and help expand the way we think about evolving and refreshing our training methods,” Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West declared for BBC.

The experiment ― paid by PlayStation, as the Police department wanted to assure the taxpayers ― was a surprise for both sides. GT Academy’s Laurence Wiltshire said, “It’s one thing to train racing drivers but the idea that a game could help officers respond to emergencies more efficiently is mind-blowing."

In case you didn’t know how actually good the Gran Turismo Sport is at simulating real-life situations of a racetrack, well, it’s so good that even Police is using it. If you want to know more about the game, read our review here.

via BBC