V8-Powered Scion FR-S Sitting on Vossen Wheels is The Ultimate Hipster Car

It surely earned its stripes

The Scion brand was swallowed by Toyota, and therefore the FR-S is dead and gone, with Toyota 86 filling the gap. But that turn of events only makes the Boss FR-S even more attention-worthy.

For a speedy up-to-date, we'll tell you a thing or two about RS-R USA's muscle-car-engined Scion FR-S. Call it the epitome of automotive hipsterism, but with a Ford Racing 5.0-liter V8 under its hood, this FR-S has serious horsepower credentials. 450 plus, to be more precise.

So fitting in with a fresh set of Vossen wheels looks like a solid choice, especially when wrapped in Nitto NT05 tires – which we don't think will last too much, not when all the power coming from the V8 is managed by a Ford Boss 302 manual transmission.