Video Says Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Blends Road and Track Capability Beautifully

Yet another auto journo lauding the merits of Alfa’s new sports sedan

It seems there isn’t really all that much bad that can be said about the Alfa Romeo Giulia, a model about which reviewers have been raving over the last few months. Ever since Giulias started being available for test drives, everybody who’s gotten their hands on one applauded it for its many qualites, saying its weak points are few and far between.

This video by MotorTrend stays within that groove, portraying the car as not only a re-revival for Alfa Romeo’s rear-wheel drive sedan, but also a revelation in its segment. There apparently really is substance behind it, as it’s an accomplished road car and a very pointy track thrasher as well – or a combination of both as you can, for instance, have the adaptive dampers in their softest setting on the road, with all of the other settings set to their sportiest.

Now while presenter Jason Cammisa is visibly distraught by the car not getting the promised six-speed manual in the US, he really shouldn’t be. Those who’ve driven the manual say it’s nothing to write home about in terms of feel and engagement, so as is the case nowadays with any BMW you buy, the Alfa is better bought with the excellent eight-speed ZF autobox – I mean using those paddles is the closest thing to driving a Ferrari… without actually driving one.