Vilner’s Model X Has the Most Hushed Tesla Cabin in the World

Let’s call it a matter of taste

Bulgarian tuner Vilner decided to end 2016 on a high, with a customization program for the Tesla Model X.

For their last project of the year, Vilner took a Tesla Model X P90D and tried to satisfy the owner's desire for a quieter cabin.

The result they call "the most silent Tesla cabin in the world" came after the interior was completely stripped and then reassembled.

Besides the additional insulation work, Vilner chose turquoise – the "color of electricity" as the main cabin hue, also found on the seat belts and carpet edges.

Then there's the printed circuit board pattern extended on the outside, where it meets the carbon fiber front lips, mirror caps, and rear spoiler. Overall, it's way more subtle than Unplugged Performance's offspring.

Vilner also took the time to pimp up the Model X's brake calipers and 20-inch wheels before fitting the car with a sports bag made of leather and carbon fiber.

Yay or nay, it's up to you, we're not into discussing taste-related matters in the first place.