Volkswagen details Arteon’s emergency assist 2.0 feature

Three systems work as one for the occupants’ safety

Drawing from the assumption that automated driving functions increase comfort and often safety as well, Volkswagen makes a case for the suite of safety systems the 2018 Arteon employs.

Just like any other similar setup, Volkswagen's emergency assist relies on sensors to establish if and for how long has the driver pressed the gas and the brake pedals.

If the data falls out of line with the system's pre-set calibration, then a series of countermeasures ensue. First visual, acoustical and physical – brake jolts, in this case – means warn the one behind the wheel.

The driver's failure to react activates emergency assist. Once enabled, it combines adaptive cruise control, lane assist and park assist "to bring the car to a standstill in the nearside lane."

Subsequently, hazard lights turn on, and VW also claims the car "performs gentle steering maneuvers in order to make drivers in nearby vehicles aware of the dangerous situation."

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