Volkswagen Tiguan Coupé rendering looks plausible, we hope it never happens

Dear VW, please focus your resources on something else

Mercedes has the GLC and GLE Coupé, BMW has the X4 and the X6, so why shouldn’t Wolfsburg go for something similar and squeeze another niche in an already saturated segment?

On a personal note, we hope they don’t, because the last thing the car industry needs is another hunchback crossover slash SUV. And no, you don’t need one. In fact, you’d be better off with a wagon or a large sedan for that matter if it's practicality and space you’re in the market for.

That being said, we present you our in-house artist’s latest rendering: a potential VW Tiguan Coupé. As sharp it might look (sharp design in Volkswagen land would correspond bland styling in Mazda's world, for example), it would be less practical than the Tiguan, not to mention the Tiguan Allspace.

For starters, that sloped roof means taller rear passengers will adopt an awful posture as they try to adjust to the mediocre headroom. Secondly, you’d get a slimmed field of sight due to the rear window’s pronounced tilt and probably less cargo space. And we doubt the lack of practicality will drag the price down.

Agree or disagree?