Volvo Is Prepping Another Record-Breaking Truck

It is called The Iron Knight and has stupendous amounts of power

When not engaging us in top-quality entertainment through their commercials, the lads at Volvo Trucks are working hard on creating wild machines, ready to set (or break) world records.

The recently developed project is called The Iron Knight. Its sole purpose is to be the fastest Volvo you'll ever see while looking terribly cool.

Originally an FH model, The Iron Knight uses the 12.8-liter D3 six-cylinder engine, albeit not in its boring, standard 540 hp version. Here it has been heavily modified, boasting some 2,400 hp and 4,425 pound-feet of torque. Despite the impressive power upgrade, the i-Shift gearbox that manages all that amount of push has remained mostly standard; only its clutches have been changed while the software was modified to cope with the stress. The chassis, although, is now race-specced, and the cabin is full-fiberglass.

Volvo aims at setting new world records for 500- and 1,000-meter sprints. Given the fact that The Iron Knight is some 800 horsepower more ready than the Wild Viking, they might just reach their goal.

Oh, The Wild Viking, right. In 2009, a brave man called Boije Ovebrink broke FIA's official speed record for diesel engines larger than 8 liters, in a full-of-steroids 1,600 hp NH 16 truck, dubbed The Wild Viking.

The same brave man will be behind The Iron Knight's steering wheel.