Volvo XC40 shown before reveal via leaked trailer

The plan was to fully reveal it on September 21, but Volvo of Hungary chose to do it sooner

We don’t know how or why Volvo’s Hungarian arm released what was essentially the full version of the XC40 presentation video published on the official Volvo channel yesterday. But what we do know is that the Swedish automaker’s baby crossover offering is now fully revealed and actually looks a lot like the concept – in fact only some detail changes set it apart from it.

So what has changed from concept to production? Well, the main difference are obviously the mirrors which are now actual mirrors instead of slim rear-facing cameras. Oh, and the rear door handles are no longer hidden in the C-pillar, but from what we can see that’s pretty much it for the really visible stuff.

Otherwise, the series model keeps the study’s two-tone finish with a white body and black contrasting roof.

The video also showed a glimpse of the interior which is continues the current models’ design theme, but looks somewhat swoopier and more youthful (judging by the sole shot we had to look at) – and like all current Volvos, it’s designed around a big center screen flanked by vertical vents.

For additional shots and information we will have to wait until it’s fully unveiled and detailed on September 21.

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