VW Shows Off Autonomous Pod Called Sedric at Geneva Motor Show

It’s the first of many such vehicles from the group

Proposing a kind of autonomous pod seems to be a big thing right now in the industry, as manufacturers are rushing to show off their vision for one. VW’s is called Sedric and it was just shown and detailed at the Geneva motor show.

It was conceived as a level 5 driverless cab, the first in a longer line of such vehicles planned for the near future. This means no driver is required at all, so one operator could oversee the running of dozens of these at once, kind of like an air traffic controller.

VW says Sedric “is the “Father” of numerous concepts for a new form of individual mobility. Soon Sedric will also get “children” and “grandchildren” with the Group’s various brands. They will be created in typical designs for the brands and will feature tailor-made and customer-specific characteristics for equipment.”

That sounds like there will be Skoda branded pods, and also SEAT branded ones, as well as others bearing other badges from within the group.