Watch a Porsche 911 Scratch a Wall with Its Face

By far the luckiest close call we’ve seen in months

One does not come to thrash the Nurburgring without risking to plum his face into something.

Modern Porsches are wonderful machines, mostly thanks to the active safety electronics that are keeping them on the apex when coming hard. Although the previous 911s don’t have as much electronic aids, they manage to avoid the Pendulum Effect rear-engined cars are vulnerable to. But you still need to have a certain level of mastery when you’re rushing a classic 911 on track, especially when said track is the challenging Nurburgring.

Blasting through Fuchsohre into Adenauer Forst, this 964 driver lost control and drifted uncontrollably, yet very luckily near the fenced interior of the corner.

It’s hard to say what lead to such a hairy situation – our main guess is that the rear axle locked when downshifting, although a lift-off oversteer is not off the table.

We’re glad the driver of this beautiful 964 got away with just a(n important) lesson learned.