Watch a Tesla Model S P100D Drag Race Z06s and Hellcats

That’s utterly Ludicrous!

The future is electric, after all! If you need more proof, watch the videos below.

What stock car can you think of that could beat modified Z06 Corvettes and Hellcat Challengers? Apparently, a Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Plus mode enabled is all you need. You'd think that with a 707 hp 6.2-liter V8 under the hood, the supercharged Hellcat would destroy the 540 hp Tesla, wouldn't you? Well, it looks like the Hellcat would be more likely to destroy other things, like its driveshaft.

The 2.3 seconds needed to reach 60 mph are clearly in supercar territory, but the Tesla P100D doesn't even seem to break a sweat to achieve this.

But what about a 650 hp Corvette Z06? What about other cars, even more potent than that? The guy doing these funny drag races videos at the Fayetteville 1/4 Mile Drag Strip takes on every car you can imagine.

Guess who's winning. Yeah, the future is winning. But we'd still want to hear these growling V8s over silent electric motors anytime.