Watch Aston Martin DB11 AMR not reach its top speed on the Autobahn

2018-05-29 aston martin db11 amr

On paper, the British grand tourer is considerably faster

The exclusive DB11 AMR, the fastest vehicle in Aston Martin’s lineup, is capable of reaching 208 mph (that’s 334 km/h).

It is also said that this beautifully-shaped bit of British grand touring can make you drool involuntarily, a theory I can personally confirm. Test it on yourself by looking at this photo gallery right here.


Now, the clip below would make you feel a bit restless because it doesn’t show a satisfying top-speed run. The DB11 featured here barely made it to 278 km/h (about 178 mph) which makes me wonder what is wrong with us people: how can we not be impressed by a car that carries this tremendous amount of speed on a public road? I guess we’re broken.

There is, however, a reason to play this clip once or twice: you can hear its mighty V12 roar.

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via Carfection YT