Watch Chris Harris Fall in Love with the Dodge Viper ACR

Had the test lasted longer he would have written it a poem

Every conversation about the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR (American Club Racer) should start with this: it’s a race car that happens to be legal to drive on public roads, for some reason.

It also happens to be the fastest street-legal Viper track car ever made, so it’s a pretty special vehicle. Although the Viper ACR is not officially on sale in Europe, Top Gear’s Chris Harris has managed to get hold of one and has driven it on BBC’s famed track.

You can easily imagine what happened next. A 645 hp V10-equipped monster with a larger-than-life rear wing, fully-adjustable Bilstein dampers, carbon ceramic Brembo brakes, and sticky Kumho tires in the hands of Chris Harris?

You got that right: a lot of powerslides. That proves the Viper ACR is quite a balanced car and not just a huge pile of horsepower good only for drag racing. After all, the Viper ACR has set lap records for production cars on 13 road courses in the United States.

Harris was genuinely impressed with the insane Viper, calling it one of the most surprising cars he’s driven in ages. Check out the video to find out what made him say that.