Watch What Happens When You Drift a Mustang With Cactuses Instead of Airbags

It’s gonna sting a little…

The guys from Dude Sons have one million subscribers on YouTube, and for good reason: they do all sorts of crazy and funny stunts. Well, this one caught our attention.

What happens when you pad the interior of your car with cactuses instead of airbags? The answer is: you can have a lot of fun, especially if you're the one that's driving and (try) drifting, and your best pal sits in the hot seat, half-naked. Watch things unfold from 3:35 on, and be sure not to miss the action from 9:00 on, when things really escalate.

If you had fun with it, also try watching this other video, when they want to answer the most important question of all: can you wax your chest with a Crosskart DRAG RACE? The answer lies somewhere towards the end of the clip.