What Happens When a Pontiac Trans Am Meets the Right Car Guy is Pure Magic

Magic as in a twin-turbo 5.3-liter V8

Do you happen to run into, or better said, get bombarded with gym flyers or fitness-related articles telling you how to start your body transformation today?

Well, it goes the same with cars, provided they get the right guidance from a genuine car guy like Gregg Hamilton. In case the name doesn't ring any bells, here's a brief bio.

According to

“>Petrolicious, the man worked as a mechanic for the world's most successful WRC teams and at the moment, is in charge of providing Ken Block with the Hoonigan aberrations we get so see in the Gymkhana series.

But Hamilton's Achilles heel are American muscle cars, so you'll have no trouble understanding why the man flew to Alabama to collect a Pontiac Trans Am he bought on eBay so that he can later fit it with a wide body kit and so many new mechanical parts that it became "about as quick as a Z06 Corvette."

Need we say more?