What in the world happens in this crash scenario?

At least one lesson can be learned here: don’t overtake on the right side

The driver of a white sedan forgets how to drive and creates a two-car collision on a highway.

The incident happens somewhere in Asia — given the language used on the traffic sign appearing in the video. Although highway driving looks easier than a B-road experience, it’s a lot more dangerous due to the high speeds involved — where the lack of experience in unforeseen events can only contribute to a very serious outcome.

But in this case, what leads to the crash is a driver’s utterly stupid reaction while being overtaken on the right. He somehow manages to destabilize the car to the extent that he loses control and swerves to the right lane where he hits another vehicle engaged in an overtake.

Although the same scenario would have made no difference should the white sedan was in the right lane (passed on the left), it’s best to avoid right lane overpassing and keep your eyes open at all times.

What we believe is that the white sedan driver was paying attention to something else than the road ahead of him (checking the phone, for example) and steered to the right. As overtakes on the right are not necessarily a common sight, the white sedan driver was taken by surprise and got on the brakes firmly.

From playing Pokémon Go to rapping on Facebook Live, people tend to undertake a lot of activities while behind the wheel — one more reason to be a lot hopeful regarding the self-driving technologies the car manufacturing industry is developing at the moment.