World’s Quickest 4AGE-Powered Dragster Is a 800 HP 1972 Datsun GX Coupe

Wait, what?

The car's owner goes by several nicknames, including El Duppie and Mr. Pistonator. So it's not particularly hard to image the level of flamboyancy attained by his car.

But first, some historical background. The US government rated the Datsun 1200 as the most fuel-efficient vehicle in 1973 (28.7 mpg, or 8.2 l/100 km). At launch, it was also the cheapest car one could buy, at $1.866.

Of course, the affordability and low running costs never prepared the model for what drag racing mania was about to do with it.

That's because Mr. Pistonator we were telling you about earlier – by the way, his real name is Duppie du Plessis – fitted the unsuspecting Datsun with a four-cylinder 4AGE engine and turned it into a full-fledged dragster wearing Superman's logo on the front grille.

Thanks to the heavy mods, the car sits in the top 10 fastest cars in South Africa. Besides the presentation video, you'll also find below a clip showing the Datsun dragster in action on the strip.