1980s dashboards that talked to you

At the time, it was seen as the height of technology and luxury; people felt like they were already ‘in the future’

Car dashboards have not only radically morphed in shape over the decades, but their functionality has changed a great deal as well. So much so that in the 1980s, the decadent decade that frugality forgot, automakers were not only putting all manner of digital displays in their dashboards, but also adding in voice warnings.

These are far less commonly talked about than the actual digital dials and displays, yet I think they deserve more attention, if not for their usefulness (which is questionable at best), then for the way they provide a glimpse straight back into the era they were conceived in.

Back then people were just fascinated with anything digital, personal computers had exploded in popularity in many parts of the world and this is why cars of the era ended up the way they did. They had many gadgets for gadgets’ sake and talking dashboards were at the very top of the list – even so, they are pretty cool to hear nearly forty years on, as they have the power to instantly take you back.

Scroll down and check out our selection of talking dashes; we promise they will make you go "aaah, the 80s…"

Austin Montego

Audi Quattro

Renault 25

Nissan / Datsun Maxima / 810


Chrysler Town and Country

Dodge Daytona Shelby Z