700 hp “Kitchen” Mazda RX-7 kicks ass

There’s a gender stereotype hidden here

Just before you’ll jump to watching the clip below, a word of advice for all the Mazda lovers: this RX-7 is not a rotary.

The owner swapped the engine for a 6.0-liter LS V8 that’s now boasting around 700 hp, courtesy of intense tweaking, and a Nitrous power-juice bottle.

Brandi, who owns this badass-looking, pumped Mazda, explains not only what the car’s been through to achieve this power rating but also the meaning of its license plate that reads “Kitchen.” Well, I guess the explanation is somehow unsurprising: being subjected to jokes regarding her condition (of being a woman), Brandi thought that naming her car “kitchen,” she’d offer a lesson to be learned here.

And the lesson-learning doesn’t stop to the puns — she has her opponents learn the hard way how unstoppable a woman can be in the… um… Kitchen.