A BMW 8 Series Shooting Brake is something we'd buy in a flash

Realistically speaking, the chances of this happening are nil

The arrival of BMW's 8 Series Coupé as a (late) response to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé is not a novelty anymore but the internet isn't sleeping.

That's how we stumbled upon a rendering of an open-top BMW 8 Series. Now, however, we're given the chance to view and potentially judge more pixel-manipulated personas of the new BMW 8 Series - (another) cabriolet, a pickup truck and a shooting brake - courtesy of X-Tomi Design.

In all honesty, what caught our eye is the shooting brake. Sure, it has as many chances to happen as a BMW 8 Series pickup truck, but at least it looks the part from where we're sitting.

But, hey, who knows, maybe Callaway - the makers of the wonderful Corvette AeroWagon - sees this and add their own twist to the 8 Series. Fingers crossed.

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