Arguments over speeding are top cause of bickering while driving


UK study finds a nation of nervous car passengers and drivers

Online motor retail specialist asked customers ‘does your partner criticise your driving?’. The responses reveal that while less than one in ten people under 34 report their partner indulging in back-seat driving, more than a third of drivers over 55 criticise their partner’s handling of the car.

Topping the list of complaints is speeding – but braking too late and too hard or taking unnecessary risks come close behind. Other frequent causes of irritation for passengers are driving too cautiously or slowly, poor lane discipline and failing to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

But the true extent of the frictions between couples on car journeys is best revealed in the comments of those who were inspired to offer additional thoughts on being driven by their partner.

[NativeAd]’s 10 favorite responses to the question "What other reasons do you and your partner criticise each other’s driving for?".

“Criticising other drivers with a running commentary when I am trained in police driving tactics!”
“Being male”
“Giving way to buses”
“Thinking they know better than the Highway Code and Road Traffic Orders”
“Watching young ladies passing by!”
“Refusing to stop for a break”
“Taking too much time to park correctly in a space”
“Cutting corners onto the pavement”
“Shouting at other drivers”

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