Aston Martin DB11 V8 reviews say it’s actually better than the V12

A classic case of how less can turn into more

Aston Martin’s new DB11 was up until recently only available with a V12 engine, but now the company has added a Mercedes AMG-sourced twin-turbo V8 under its long bonnet. And it seems the car only has to gain from this move, as the mill itself is as good as it is in any AMG-branded product, yet has been tuned to be Aston-like and therefore fit in with the character of the car.

This is the first AMG-engined Aston ever and it needs to be good in order to set a positive precedent. Reviews are now in saying that it really is good, maybe even a better option than the larger V12 because it is lighter, puts less weight over the front wheels (therefore improving handling), is more efficient and actually has a better torque to weight ratio, as the AutoCar reviewer points out.

The Carfection review is a bit more restrained in calling the V8 better than the V12, but it is basically the same conclusion in the end. So it seems that the first AMG-engined Aston is excellent, maybe even better than an Aston-engined Aston according to some.

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