F1 2018 will also bring you the challenge of giving (good) interviews

F1 2018 media interview

Prove your skills behind the wheel, and in front of the camera as well

The much-awaited F1 2018 comes with a lot of news, one of them being the interviews you’re subjected to in the Career Mode, we learn today.

Codemasters promised a more immersive career, and as the clip below shows, they deliver. In the upcoming F1 game, you have to be a good athlete not only through your set of driving skills but also the way you react in various scenarios.

f1 2018 question answering

Claire is the media representative that’ll be asking questions, and you have minimum two choices for your answer. In most cases, you have the possibility of abstaining from answering.

However, choosing to answer will alter the way the involved parties will perform subsequently. For example, if you blame your mechanics after a win, well, let’s say you won’t be making many friends this way. And so on.


This approach is usually seen in the management simulation genre, and less in an action game like the ones in the racing genre. However, having media interactions is a good exercise in sportsmanship, the crucial foundation of every healthy competition.

f1 2018 donuts

F1 2018 will debut August 24 on all platforms and will show important changes (just like the IRL F1 championship).

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