Ford to Add Subcompact EcoSport Crossover to North American Range

Seems a bit small for the US buyer and has way too few cupholders, but you never know how successful it will actually be

Reports are in that Ford is looking to introduce the EcoSport on the US market and it’s set to show it off over the coming weeks.

The EcoSport is a model that’s been heavily criticized by journos for its poor build quality, poor materials and some strange practical solutions. It’s been revamped twice already and now we’re awaiting a third refresh, but now it turns out the originally Indian-made vehicle will also be sold in North America.

According to Automotive News, a preview version of the NA variant will be shown at the Los Angeles motor show that runs from November 18 – 27.

The source quotes a Snapchat post by rapper DJ Khaled who reportedly said “Monday I’m introducing the Ford EcoSport. It’s going to be a world premiere with the new Ford EcoSport.”

The information was apparently later confirmed by an official Ford spokesperson who did not comment on when exactly the model would reach showrooms.

As for the vehicle itself, Ford says this third update will really make the EcoSport a worthy vehicle. I got to see some secret photos of it and I can tell you it swaps out the old face for the new Ford family look, it ditches the exterior spare wheel (one of its more interesting and character-building features), it gains a larger infotainment screen as well as new and improved materials inside.