Hear Maria Sharapova scream while Mark Webber drives the Porsche GT2 RS

Sharapova Webber 1

The scream is strong with this one

Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova doesn't have a good comeback after the doping scandal that got her suspended for one year. But she's still having fun. A lot of fun!

You could watch a tennis tournament with your eyes closed and still immediately guess if Maria Sharapova plays – her screams are as annoying for her competitors as they are effective in helping her beat them to a pulp. At least, this was the case before she got suspended for doping, last year. She's back on the tennis court with mixed results, but the public still loves her, and not only for her "singing voice".

But what happens when you get F1 champ Mark Webber for a stroll in a brand-new 700-hp Porsche 911 GT2 RS? Well, we can say that Maria is not the only one screaming. Just watch and decide for yourself: who looks more scared, Maria or Mark?

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