Honda Ie-Mobi EV concept is the definition of ‘a box on wheels’


But it’s just so darn cool looking and fits into a house – literally

Plenty of manufacturers these days are starting to view what we used to call a car as more of a kind of room on wheels and Honda is the latest to join the trend with the quirky Ie-Mobi concept.


It’s essentially an all-electric box on wheels – six of them, to be precise – which is meant to be a guest room or as a weekend shopping runabout; Honda uses the word pantry in its press blurb, but we don’t imagine it suggests storing jars of jam in the concept is a good idea.

hondas-crazy-tokyo-concepts (1)

Honda goes even further with the whole ‘car as a room’ thing and actually shows how Ie-Mobi could seamlessly integrate into the design of a smart house. It’s shown literally as a part of the house, but one which you can hop into and drive off in at your leisure.


Who knows, maybe this will start a trend in the near future to match one’s home with their vehicles to such an extent that they will both feel like part of the same thing.